Welker has a dedicated team in each component of an excellent customer experience.

Product Design.

"High-Quality Design with the User in Mind"

We design our products to be the most effective solution without compromising the user experience. We design our products with performance, safety, and convenience in mind.
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Customer Service.

"Developing a Win-Win Relationship"

Our sales team is readily available to work with you during the discovery process to ensure you are comfortable with your Welker purchase. The business development team will help nourish our relationship to continually have a better understanding of your long-term needs.
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Order Services.

"Coordinating Orders and Keeping You In the Loop"

Welker has a dedicated team to process purchase orders and ensure everything goes smoothly. Our Order Services team is responsible for accurate order entry, progress updates, and shipment coordination. We’ll keep you in the loop so you have peace-of-mind about your order.
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Product Service.

"We're Happy to Help"

The Welker customer experience extends beyond the purchase of our product. Our service department provides applied knowledge and expertise to installation, operation and maintenance of Welker products.
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"We're Happy to Help"

Product Service

Service Department


"Developing a Win-Win Relationship"

Customer Service

Dominic Giametta
VP of Sales

281.207.1887 | email

Simon Manna
Inside Sales

281.207.2016 | email

Allan Van Slyke
Inside Sales

281.207.2026 | email

Wade Williams
Applications & Installation Specialist

281.207.2008 | email

Chad Farris
Outside Sales

281.207.1874 | email

Jim Klentzman
Outside Sales

281.207.1853 | email

Martin Bouska
Territory Development Manager

281.207.2021 | email

Carvel Jasmin
Nexus Principal

281.207.2043 | email

"Coordinating Orders and Keeping You In the Loop"

Order Services

Diann Crite
Order Services

281.207.1855 | email

Russell Stall
Order Services

281.207.2038 | email